Winnetou - A New World

Phillip Stölzl, 2016.

Categories: Feature Film

America, circa 1860. We are in the land where the buffaloes are stirring up the ground. Where the workers are devoting themselves to the tracks on which the steam train glides through the prairie. But more importantly, this is the eternal friendship between Winnetou, the noble chief of the Apaches, and the Westman Old Shatterhand.

Karl May, a German greenhorn, who later became nicknamed Old Shatterhand because of his special powers in his fists, came to America from Radebeul in 1871 and initially worked as a teacher in St. Louis where he met Mr. Henry. The latter sees Mays abilities with weapons and gives him the opportunity to measure the railroad tracks through the Apache area as a land surveyor. As an engineer Karl May wants to work on this dream of a new world. After an attack by the Apache, Old Shatterhand, Sam Hawkens, Dick Stone and Will Parker get into their captivity. It is only the misconduct of the Whites that increases their respect for the supposedly primitive Indians until he fuses with their culture and way of life. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou make friends and experience some common adventure.


Filming locations

  • Lič

    This valley is protected with a number of mountains and the Ličanka River passes through. In the immediate vicinity there are many idyllic villages and...

  • Lokvarka Cave, Lokve

    Located very close to Zagreb – Rijeka highway, this cave prides in astounding cave ornaments. It was found in 1912, it is 1200 meters long...

  • Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Coast

    The Governor’s Palace is one of Rijeka ‘s most majestic buildings, a synonym for its rich and sometimes troubled past. Standing tall since 1897, today...

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