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Kvarner, with more than 1000 kilometres of the Adriatic coast, 45 islands, mountain tops, picturesque Mediterranean towns and mountain villages provides a unique combination of untouched nature, historical settlements and an urban compound in the city of Rijeka.

  • Architecture

    43 locations

    From classicist villas by the sea, medieval fortresses and port warehouses to the stadium beneath a rock and swimming pools

  • City of Opatija

    8 locations

    Located beneath Učka Mountain, Opatija is a true jewel of the Bay of Kvarner. The so-called “Old Lady” accommodates many elite hotels, promenades and luxurious

  • City of Rijeka

    32 locations

    Rijeka, the very heart of Kvarner, is one of Croatia’s largest towns and its biggest port, looking like a middle-European city on the waterfront.

  • Continental area

    25 locations

    Locations with view of  mountains and the sea, picturesque towns and intact nature of continental area.

  • Forests

    2 locations

    Forests cover as much as 63% of the area of Gorski kotar.

  • Fortresses

    14 locations

    Castles and forts of the great Frankopan family, originated between the beginning of the 12th and the second half of the 17th century.

  • Harbours and Ports

    8 locations

    From docks, cranes and containers to fishing boats.

  • Industry

    13 locations

    Rijeka, a once-rich industrial town, is home to a variety of industrial, shipbuilding, fishery places and factories.

  • Interiors

    27 locations

    Rich interior history through various architectures and buildings.

  • Island of Krk

    12 locations

    Extremely easy to reach, with a large and diverse area, the island of Krk offers an exceptional combination of natural beauty and historical and cultural

  • Lakes and Rivers

    10 locations

    Stream of clear, karst rivers rich in canyons, waterfalls and springs.

  • Mediterranean

    25 locations

    A special spirit of small idyllic places, situated along the karst and sea.

  • Mountains

    8 locations

    Plenty of mountains and hills, very representative in the Kvarner area.

  • Nature

    26 locations

    Fields, meadows, nature parks, caves, lakes, rivers and many other natural goods of this region.

  • Roads

    15 locations

  • Seaside

    24 locations

    Locations by the sea - from beaches, ports to forts - and many other things!

  • Villages

    6 locations

    From picturesque mountain countryside to coastal mediterranean villages.

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