Nevio Marasović, 2016.

Categories: Feature Film

In the idyllic surroundings of snow-covered Gorski Kotar, Goran and his wife Lina lead a simple life with friends and family. However, their carefree existence is disrupted when Lina announces that she is  pregnant. The happy news will stir up trouble, the idyll will turn into a nightmare, and the white winter will be painted in a deep crimson.


Filming locations

  • Delnice

    Delnice are the central and biggest settlement in Gorski Kotar located 698 meters above the sea level and surrounded with three hilltops: Drgomalj, Japlenški vrh...


  • Pretpremijera filma ''Goran'' u Delnicama

    U Delnicama je, 19.prosinca 2016. održana pretpremijera filma "Goran" redatelja Nevia Marasovića. Snimljen po scenariju Gjermunda Gisvolda, u produkciji Antitalenta, film je okupio poznate hrvatske...

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