I Am What I Am... But I Do Not Call a White Donkey Black

Zoran Krema, 2010.

Categories: Documentary

Nikola Kraljić (1930), the most prominent Croatian Chakavian poet, receives a phone call while squid fishing in his boat in the Omišalj Bay on the Island of Krk. The Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb informs him that his graduate diploma from 1964 was found in the Faculty archives. The diploma has never been claimed, so Kraljić has three days to decide whether he wants to go and collect it.  During these three days, we follow his everyday routine, learn about his past and present and, most importantly, get to know him as a poet.


Filming locations

  • City of Omišalj

    Omišalj is a small coastal town whose old core is located at an altitude of 85 meters above sea, built on a cliff overlooking the...

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