Premijera filma Pijana ulica

"Drunk Street is a small, plain, almost invisible little street at the city centre. It is easy to miss it because it is an error in the urban tissue – it is more of a passage than a street but all its characteristics make it a square. This is a place where lawyers and fishermen mix with intellectuals, retired football players, and authentic inhabitants of Rijeka, alcoholics and small children. It is vibrant, filled with laughter, music, quarrelling, trade, and singing from dusk till late night. This street represents that hidden Mediterranean spirit of Rijeka, vibrant energy and strong emotions, big contrasts compressed in a narrow space that belongs to some other times. This is equally acknowledged by the locals and the new urban generation that leaves its marks in the space by a gradual process of gentrification.

Drunk Street, directed by Marin Lukanović and produced by Filmaktiv, shall premier at the Art-kino summer stage.

Filming locations

  • Art-kino

    Art-kino is a public institution in the field of film art and culture which introduces the community to noteworthy art films. The building in which...

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