The new Mercedes-Benz commercial filmed in Rijeka

Mercedes-Benz shared on its Youtube channel a commercial for the all-new EQC model, the first all-electric vehicle from the German luxury car manufacturer. 

The commercial was created in collaboration with Canadian music artist The Weeknd who signs the music and is the main protagonist in the video, which shows a journey through the history of Mercedes-Benz. 

Once again,  Rijeka was selected as one of the locations for car advertising, thus Rijeka port warehouses served as the scenery for shooting fictitious film inside the commercial. 

The commercial was released in late November and currently has over 2.1 million views.

Filming locations

  • Metropolis warehouse, Rijeka

    Metropolis is the name given to the complex made of five port warehouses located along the coast at the western part of the port of...

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